Learner Stories

What Our Students Say

I like the way we sit in the class with no tables and the way we all get to have our turn speaking. We talk about very interesting subjects.
I really like the way they teach the class because I had no English at all.
In Somalia women do not go to school, only men, so now I am very happy to go to school, I like ESOL very much.
I am delighted to have got the theory test - I was able to deal with unexpected layout of the test on the computer in the test centre only because I came here first.
I am sure people would say it takes too long however, I feel the teaching you receive will stay with u for life and that can not be rushed.
My teacher is the best teacher and the school is very good for me. The people are very kind and friendly. I would like to do a course when my English improves.
I think it is a positive class, technology is always changing so it's good to keep up with it.
The tutors are brilliant, amazing and really help you out with feedback. They help if you're ever struggling with it.
I used to feel "dyslexic" as far as computers are concerned because we didn't have them when I was growing up and it stops you from going for things.  This place is great and it's good to be able to meet people from all different backgrounds and the tutors are excellent, very patient and kind.
Since coming back my confidence has improved and I feel that I can express myself.  I can voice my opinions.
I like the smaller numbers in the class. It gives a chance to learn more and have more one on one time.