DALC is team of wonderful people made up of our our Board, our CEO, Mary Maher, our skilled Adult Educators, our Support Team and our Community Employment workers. 


Mary Maher   Chief Executive Officer

Our Board

DALC BoardAs a clg and registered charity, we are governed by a committed Board of Directors.  

Our Directors are drawn from the Legal, Financial, Risk, Education and Community Sectors and bring their considerable collective skills and experience to oversee the sustainability and governance of the organisation to the highest standards.

John Farrelly

John Collins   Chair of Audit Committee

Dr. Yvonne Emmett

Nicola Kelly

Patricia Lawless

Mark Kelly

David Treacy

Adult Educators

The demographics and profile of the North Inner City is ever changing. But we have a fantastic, talented and flexible group of Adult Educators here to meet the changing needs of our students. Our tutors are made up of educators who have worked in the field for decades, along with new tutors educated to third level - working together through team teaching and learning from each other every day. We provide continuous professional development and encourage all staff to access further training and education that will enhance their skill set. 

Peadar Glennon

Deirdre Keogh

Riam Naji

Lisa Kilbride

Nicola Rogers

Jaki Meredith

Elizabeth Stein

Cameron Maxwell

Mary-Claire Halley

Ailbhe O’Rourke

Michael Clowry

Pat Golding

Daisy O’Sullivan

Fionnaigh Connaughton

Aishling Fitzgerald

Sinead Hawkins

David Kane

Trish Murphy

Alex Kirrane

Esme England

Tracey Foran

Our Support Team

Our support team are there to welcome you at reception, make your cup of tea in the canteen, run our childcare facility, maintain the library, and carry out all the background work in finance, governance and administration. They keep us compliant and working in the best way we can. 

Columba O’Connor   Assistant CEO

Dee Byrne   Administrative Officer

Rose Corrigan   Finance Officer

Veronica Brogan   Community Employment Supervisor

Clara O’Connor   Student Liaison Officer

Audrey Moynihan   Canteen Staff

Victor Kelly   Caretaker

Annie Fitzgerald   Cleaning Staff

Colette Stringer   Receptionist

Sharon Meehan   Receptionist

Mary Cullen   Receptionist

Caroline Fitzgerald   Creche Manager

Angela Sheridan   Creche Staff

Jana Reaney   Creche Staff

Sharon Kelly   Creche Staff

Serena Brennan   Creche Staff

Community Employment

The Community Employment (CE) programme aims to help people who are long-term
unemployed or otherwise disadvantaged to get back to work through part-time and
temporary placements in jobs within local communities.

At DALC, the CE places we offer are called general assistants who are also improving their
basic skills in reading, writing, spelling, and digital skills. We also have some positions that
help with reception, classes or payroll.

Participants must be 21 and be receiving a social welfare payment such as jobseekers
allowance for more than one year. They will work 19.5 hours a week, receive an additional
€27.50 on top of their social welfare payment, and are allowed to keep their secondary

You can find all CE vacancies at https://jobsireland.ie