At DALC, we aim to provide courses that reflect the needs of our students and they fall under three broad categories:

Which includes:

  • Literacy and language
  • QQI Level 2 and 3 General Learning Cert
  • Dedicated basic technology classes
  • Numeracy

Depending on students’ interests and needs this may include:

  • Art classes
  • Bookclub
  • Cookery and healthy eating
  • Philosophy
  • Social studies
  • Active citizenship voter education
  • Back to education courses
  • Student conference 

Which include: 

  • IT QQI level 4 
  • Advanced language and communications for students hoping to progress to FET
  • SNA QQI Level 5 (in collaboration with CDETB)
  • Maths for apprenticeships
  • Short digital skills courses eg. Excel

Our Programmes may be accredited by Quality Qualifications Ireland (QQI), or they may be Non-accredited and our aim is for students to choose what suits them best.  


Below you can also find an overview of the courses we provide at different levels, and the progression path some of our students may follow.