Our Vision Statement

DALC’s vision is for a North Inner City Dublin where every adult has the opportunity to participate fully in their community through the realisation of their right to basic education. 

Our Mission statement

To provide a holistic range of high quality basic education services rooted in the context of communities living in the North Inner City.

Our Belief

Being literate means being able to communicate, read, write and use numeracy and information technology competently to deal with situations and opportunities in your own environment.  It means being able to fulfil your own goals as a family and community member, citizen and worker.  Being literate depends on what you need or want at a specific time.  Being literate is part of a lifelong learning continuum.

Our core principles

At DALC, we have a number of core principles of adult education we follow: 

Respectful of the status of students as adults.

Practice is rooted in the diverse communities of the North Inner City.

Operates on a social practice model which is participative, creative and transformative.

The work is underpinned by the principle of social justice.

With this in mind, DALC provides adult education programmes that develop reading, writing, language, digital literacy and numeracy skills.