Our Active Citizenship Voter Education programme helps to engage people in finding their voice, to vote for change in their lives and in their communities. It is participative and enjoyable. We provide train the tutor workshops so tutors can learn to deliver it in their own setting.

The programme covers topics such as:

  • The history of voting & registering to vote

  • The issues that are important to you

  • Matching your issues to potential candidates

For more information please contact vote@dalc.ie or visit www.vote.ie

DALC has a rich tradition of creating and providing literacy tutor training aimed at both newcomers to literacy work and those looking to enhance their skills.

Unlike traditional school methods, DALC's approach to adult literacy is based on Paulo Freire’s philosophy and a learner-centered methodology. There is no blueprint or curriculum for working with adults and our programmes are tailored to our student’s needs.

Although each literacy program is unique, DALC's tutor training course encompasses fundamental principles and methodologies that are particularly effective for adult learners. DALC also designs and delivers short courses in materials development and approaches to teaching reading, writing and spelling.

Courses are run on demand.