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Exciting new courses starting in September 2019

Did you know that we are now offering a Special Needs Assistant course? Our S.N.A. QQI Level 5 course will start in September 2019. The course will take just one morning per week (Friday mornings from 10a.m. – 1p.m.). If you’re interested, give Dee or Mary a call at 018787266.

If you’re an apprentice who is worried about the maths content of your training, we have the course for you! We’re offering a Maths for Apprentices course every  Monday evening from 6.30-8.30p.m. starting in September.  The course will run subject to numbers. 

As always, we will offer a wide range of courses, both accredited & non-accredited. We’ll hold an information morning in September, so drop in, have a cup of tea and find out more about the classes on offer.

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Summer Courses starting 4th June

Have you picked up the brochure for our summer programme yet?

We have lots of fun, free, part-time courses on offer in the summer programme. 

Choose from Gardening, Choir, Using Your Smartphone, Geography, Mindfulness, Crochet, Art (Ceramics), Reflective Drawing, Cookery, Community Studies & T’ai Chi.

If you’d like to join one of these classes, just call Dee or Mary at 01-8787266 for more info.


Adult Learners’ Festival 4th – 8th March.

There’s great energy around the building today as we start our Adult Learners’ Festival workshops. 
Today, Monday, we are learning basic phrases from the languages spoken by our students here in DALC. 

We have a series of workshops planned for each morning this week:

On Tuesday we will learn about the flags and culture of our ESOL students’ native countries. Everyone will get a chance to learn about somewhere different before we go to the canteen to enjoy pancakes (of course!). 

On Wednesday, Vonn will be here to teach us about patterns in art from around the world. We will explore these patterns through mindful painting. There is also the option of joining the cookery class to cook an African meal. 

Thursday will start off with ‘Play Your Cards Right’ followed by the North Inner City Education Showcase in Ozanam House.  And to round off the week, we will have a quiz on Friday to test our newfound knowledge of languages and cultures before we learn about Tai Chi from 11.30a.m. – 1p.m. 

A very exciting week ahead – hope you enjoy it!


Hijab Workshop

On Friday last, we welcomed Hafsa to speak about International Hijab Day. Hafsa is a trainee teacher currently studying in Maynooth University. It was fascinating to hear about the history of the hijab, its religious significance for wearers and also to have an open and frank discussion about people’s opinion on it.