Summer programme 2018

Do you want to try out a new hobby or skill? Our summer courses are free of charge, part-time and in just 6 weeks you will have learned a whole new skill!

Classes on offer include:
Art, Mindfulness, Comhra (an intro. to spoken Irish), Crochet, Writing and Drama. 

To book a place on any of our courses, just call us at 01-8787266 for more info. 


Launch of ‘Student Voices’ June 2018

Did you know that D.A.L.C. is 20 years old this year? For the last 20 years we have seen many students come here and benefit from our courses. We are celebrating the life-changing effect of learning by publishing a book written by our students. 


September 2018

For September 2018 we are working on a new timetable with more subjects on offer during our evening programme. We’ll have more information soon – follow us on Facebook to stay up to date.